The Locker Room.

The Locker Room is an advanced digital ecosystem we built, including a website, web application, email setup and general administration.

The system uses a WordPress website as a front, which allows it to be indexed by Google Search Console, and ensures that even if the application server goes down the website will still remain up. All assets are also hosted on WordPress to optimise the web application.

The web application is separated into a subdomain and hosted on Heroku. It is built using MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js). And is integrated with Stripe for payment processing and customer management.

At it’s core, the system has the following functionality:

  • User can sign up using an email address
  • The user confirms their email
  • User can purchase a product
  • User can subscribe to a profile for a monthly fee, decided by that profile
  • User can go through the verification process to become a seller
  • The seller can create a shop and products within that shop
  • The seller can set up a subscription price for their profile and update it with photos and videos
  • All sensitive information e.g. User address, credit/debit card details, government-issued ID’s are all stored with our payment processor, Stripe
  • The database stores minimal information about the user

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